The Greater Newburyport Ovarian Cancer Awareness (GNOCA) Group

The mission of Greater Newburyport Ovarian Cancer Awareness (GNOCA) is to improve women’s lives by increasing recovery and survival rates of women at risk for ovarian cancer. GNOCA seeks to increase awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, help fund cancer research, and provide support services for women with ovarian cancer within the greater Newburyport area.

GNOCA sponsors events and also participates in community events, especially throughout September, National Ovarian Cancer Month.

GNOCA partners with Ovations for the Cure, a Massachusetts nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the mission of promoting  knowledge of the disease, concrete hope and support for those already diagnosed, and significant scientific advancements leading to the cure.  (

*Calm Quilt – If you like to create your own square to honor or in memory of someone who has been affected by Ovarian Cancer.*

*Photo Credit: Keith Quenzel